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Why Choose Boolits Builders LLC Over Other Options?

Tailored Learning and Personalized Guidance: At Boolits Builders LLC, our commitment is to customization. Our courses are carefully crafted to cater to your specific needs, and our teaching methods are far from one-size-fits-all. Unlike generic courses aimed at the masses, our lessons are meticulously designed with individuals in mind. We offer a highly flexible schedule to align with your preferences. Upon course completion, you will have gained the essential Knowledge, Skills, & Attitude required for Safe, Confident, and Accurate Firearm Ownership, Carrying, and Usage. "Explore testimonials from our past students to learn about their experiences."

What's the Minimum Enrollment Age?

For all concealed carry classes, you must be a minimum of 21 years old and possess a valid state-issued ID.

For most other classes, we welcome students as young as 8 years old. To provide some perspective, our youngest student to date was just 8 years old and had a blast (pun intended). We do accept students of all ages, provided we receive proper signed parent/guardian consent forms. At Boolits Builders LLC, we kindly request that a parent or guardian be present at all times during Children's Classes.

What If I'm a First-Time Firearm User?

No need to worry. All our classes are structured to teach firearm fundamentals and cover all aspects of firearm safety comprehensively. Our aim is to guide you in building a strong foundation in firearms knowledge and training, with a strong emphasis on Skills & Attitude, which are crucial for Safe, Confident, and Accurate Firearm Ownership, Carrying, and Usage. You'll leave the class with 100% more confidence than when you started. Discover what our former students have to say.

Do I Need to Own a Gun to Enroll?

No, you don't. We offer rentals if you don't currently own a firearm. Firearms can be a significant investment, and if you've never fired one before, how do you know what's right for you? Relying on YouTube or biased opinions can be challenging. We recommend trying before you buy. **Please note that we are not a licensed firearm dealer and do not sell firearms at this time.**

How Do I Choose the Right Class?

Reach out to us. In less than a 5-minute phone call, text, or email exchange, our qualified NRA certified instructors will listen to your concerns and provide tailored guidance. We're here to assist you in achieving your specific "End Goal," whether it's obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit, improving your accuracy, boosting your confidence, or simply becoming more comfortable with your firearm.

What Do I Need for a Class?

All classes require:

1. A VALID STATE ISSUED ID and/or Parent/Guardian Signature.
2. Range time requirements.
3. Your firearm/s or the option to rent ours.
4. At least 100 rounds of ammunition for each firearm.
5. Eye Protection (preferably polycarbonate lenses).
6. Ear Protection (electronic hearing protection is preferred).
7. Dress appropriately for the weather as we conduct outdoor range sessions.

Where Can I Find State Laws?

Refer to the State Trooper Directory.
Click the link, choose your state, and use their search bar to look up "firearms laws" or "Concealed Carry Permit" to access relevant information.

Why Does the Private Lesson Include 1 Hour of Safety Training for the First Lesson?

It only takes one bullet to have life-altering consequences for everyone involved. We prioritize safety at Boolits Builders LLC.

The initial classroom lesson ensures that we all understand and are on the same page regarding expectations and safety protocols when handling firearms at the range.

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