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Ammo for pennies on the dollar

     This course is truly our passion.

Have you heard the saying;

"Give a person to fish; you feed them for the day; teach a person how to fish. You feed them for life." This is truly the philosophy.

      This course teaches our One-On-One approach to our version of the bare-bones reloading processes. We instruct students on the whole process from:


  • ​Collecting Scrap Lead 

  • Collecting Brass

  • Processing Lead

  • Processing Brass

  • Casting the Lead and Prepping the Lead for Reloading

  • Reading Load Data

  • Actual hands-on approach to "The Art of Reloading" and the process of constructing Cartages. 

  • Proper techniques of Deconstructing misloaded ammunition.  

      Our "Scrap to Range" class tends to fill up fast, so sign up today to reserve your spot. Curious to learn more about this program? Get in touch with our Lead Instructor; they’ll be happy to help.

Course Length: 4hrs. +/- 

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