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What do our reviews say about us?


The reviews for Boolits Builders LLC, particularly focusing on Christopher as the instructor, are overwhelmingly positive.


Here's a summary of the common themes and sentiments expressed in the reviews:

  1. Positive Atmosphere: Many reviews highlight the positive and lighthearted atmosphere that Christopher creates during the classes. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may not feel confident or comfortable around firearms.

  2. Thorough and Knowledgeable Instruction: Christopher is consistently praised for his thorough and knowledgeable instruction, both in the classroom and on the range. Reviewers appreciate the attention to detail and the emphasis on safety.

  3. Patience and Approachability: Multiple reviews mention Christopher's patience as an instructor. He is described as patient, understanding, and willing to answer questions. This quality is particularly beneficial for beginners or those new to firearms.

  4. Recommendations and Plans for Future Classes: Many reviewers express their intention to take more classes in the future, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the training provided by Boolits Builders LLC.

  5. Comfort and Confidence Building: Several reviews highlight how Christopher helps build confidence, especially for individuals who are new to handling firearms. The emphasis on safety and thorough training contributes to a positive learning experience.

  6. Effective Teaching Style: Christopher's teaching style is commended for being clear, engaging, and effective. The mix of classroom instruction and practical experiences on the range is appreciated by the reviewers.

  7. Professionalism and Knowledge in Various Courses: Boolits Builders LLC offers a variety of courses, from basic safety classes to advanced concealed carry courses. Christopher's professionalism and expertise are consistently praised across these different courses.

  8. Flexibility and Responsiveness: The reviews note positive experiences with scheduling and flexibility. Christopher is described as responsive and accommodating during the initial scheduling process.

  9. Recommendations for Concealed Carry: Several reviews specifically recommend Boolits Builders LLC for concealed carry courses, emphasizing the comprehensive and effective nature of the training.

  10. Holster Making Class: A review highlights the positive experience in a holster making class, praising Christopher for helping design and create a custom holster.

  11. Positive Environment: The reviews frequently mention the positive and friendly environment created by Boolits Builders LLC, making the learning experience enjoyable.

Overall, the consistently high ratings and positive feedback suggest that Boolits Builders LLC, under the instruction of Christopher, is highly regarded for its comprehensive, engaging, and safety-focused firearm training courses.


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